Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Book to Film Transistion

We have recently seen a mass uprising in what I like to call the book to film transition. Many popular books especially in the YA fantasy genre are being projected onto the big screen, this is becoming increasingly common. From the huge success of film adaptations of books such as the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter many production houses are eager to snap up what they see as ‘the next big thing’.One of the most popular Young Adult book to be translated onto the Silver screen and become a worldwide phenomenon has to be the Twilight books, also with the rising popularity of Vampires this series is just the beginning to a whole range of young adult fantasy books that are just waiting to be made into a film.

One of the most prominent problem has to be the fan’s reaction towards the people being cast as their favourite book characters. This is because when you read a book, its very common that you mentally visualise the character in your brain. When casting is announced usually angry fans take to social networking sites to express their dismay. Not everyone can be happy, each fan has their own vision of the characters the films they feel threaten that.  Many book fans also believe that most of the times when films are made to suit the convenience of limited screen time, the directors miss out important points that the fans would have liked to see.But usually after initial complaints we find most people love watching the films, the actors really get into character and make it believable for the fans. An example of this is Twilight. Fans of the book were hysterical when they heard Robert Pattison was cast as their beloved Edward Cullen. Many people argued he just wasn't right for the role but after first pictures of him on set emerged fan girls went crazy.

The hunger games by Suzanne Collins is another YA book set in a dystopian world that has been snapped up by lionsgate to be made into a film, already much hype has been generated for this film and it seems it will be a sure success.Other upcoming films translated from YA fiction books are House of night novels and The Mortal Instrument series.  The YA fiction genre so far has been a huge success, while previously this specific genre didn’t exist; today it seems an elemental part of pop culture. The films are the chance for the fans to see their beloved characters come to life, and for non-fans to see for themselves what the hype is about.


  1. It's nice to see the book you love becoming a movie. But sometimes they forget the real story of the book and just want to make money with the movie.

  2. I agree, I hate seeing a good book ruined by a badly made film.


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