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Interview with Samantha C Ross

We recently Interviewed Samantha C Ross to talk about her upcoming novel The Emmerson Witches which will be availble in bookshops after Christmas.

1) What made you want to become a writer?

Words, language and expression. All my life, the library has been my church. Books have always carried me away to different worlds, and I've always loved the journey. Since I have an over-active imagination, and a keen adoration for novels, it was only fitting that I'd eventually develop into an author. It's a great privilege to create a place for readers to lose themselves in. Plus, I'm a lazy extrovert. I like being around other people when it suits me, but need plenty of alone time, so working from home (sometimes for days on end) is perfect for my somewhat languid personality. But writing isn't simply what I do, its what I have to do. Writing is a need that is fused to my soul. 

2) For those who don't know, describe The Emmerson Witches.

Americus Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, has always been a haven for unusual individuals with strange beliefs.
Chime, Angel and Evangeline Emmerson are three teenage sisters who attempt to live their life as normal, every day girls. But the sisters share a vast difference, they were born into a bloodline of witches. Along with their inherent knowledge of witchcraft, each possess extraordinary paranormal gifts in the form of telepathy and clairvoyance - the ability to speak with the dead. When a dark entity disrupts the household, our main character Chime suspects she is the sole target. She is proven right. Chime is unsure who is responsible for the terrifying spells and curses. Could it be the Raphael -  a striking and secretive stranger? Or a much deeper evil? However, Americus residents are familiar with black sorcery; the island's hidden past is shrouded in witchcraft, and they are not prepared to lose one of their own...

 3) How did you come up with the idea of The Emmerson Witches?

Strangely, I didn't. They came to me. I dreamt of three girls standing on a cliff in the midst of a storm. A Blond, brunette and a redhead. When I woke, the image haunted me, so I sprang from my bed, straight to the computer, and began their story. I pretty much stayed glued to my keyboard for the next two months, and The Emmerson Witches were born.
4) Have you planned a sequel? Or a series maybe?

Book two is already written, and offers many more ghosts, ghouls and supernatural problems for the sisters to endure. It's interesting for me to watch my characters leave behind adolescence and battle the every day problems of facing adulthood. Not easy when an abundance of the paranormal is thrown into the mix! This time around though, my love story deepens, as do the dark aspects that haunt the girls as they're forced to deal with problems beyond their maturity level!

5) What made you want to write for this particular genre?

I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps because I've always found the YA genre seems to delve deeper into the world of fantasy. There are no rules when it comes to creating a miraculous and mysterious tale. Whereas, a story created for an older audience has more demand to stay within the lines. Adult readers appear to look for something they can identify with, rather than a voyage that will take them to another realm.

7) Do you have any advice for an aspiring author?

Definitely. Don't stop writing, no matter what! Any words, sentences or stories you invent are a precious gift to the world, especially if they are fused with your heart and spirit. But develop a thick skin, because your writing will always go though a rejection process before it is accepted. Some criticism is good, and will help you hone your craft, while other critique is rude and unnecessary. During my search for representation, a particular agent sent me an e-mail, commenting on how she couldn't possibly see how a book about teenage witches would generate interest in the YA market (obviously, she'd never heard of Charmed). J.K Rowling was told the same about her school of wizards. My point is, getting your book published is a long, and often heart-breaking process. But have faith that some-one out there will eventually see your creation as important. Don't ever give up a dream...and don't ever forget how may bad books are out there that have been published!!!
6)Are their any authors who inspired you to write? Or any works you admire?

Of course, my number one is Stephen King. I think any supernatural writer would deem him our leader. Even as I child, I found his gift remarkable - he possesses the rare talent of drawing you into his eerie world. Then there are Stephenie Meyer, J.K Rowling and Charliane Harris. Thanks to Twilight, Harry Potter and True Blood, the supernatural has found a firm place in the family home. These writers have paved the way, and constructed a huge and welcoming market for YA authors


The Emmerson Witches sounds like an exciting read and we will definitely be reviewing it soon! For more information go to 

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