Monday, 22 August 2011

Most annoying literary characters

You know when you are reading a book, and every once in a while you get a character who annoys the hell out of you. You are always mentally abusing them in your head (Omg, why the hell would she say that the dumb b****).
Yeah you get what i mean right.
Soooo... I thought it would be rather interesting to abuse those characters that get on our nerves If I have missed any favourites out please feel free to comment. In no particular order...

1. Bella Swan- ohh god! Her name is enough to annoy me, seriously the worst female protagonist ever! What was Stephenie Meyer thinking. Isabella Swan, the most famous girlfriend of our beloved vampire Edward Cullen. Seriously what the hell does he see in her, she's a miserable old bat. Never bloody happy with anything. Just reading about her makes me want to fall asleep, I would understand if she was portrayed as this kind, caring girl but she's so bland arghh it frustrates me. She thinks that she’s the only person who’s struggling in the world. Get a life gurl. There are people dying out there out of starvation, and just because Edward is not looking at you, you’re depressed WHAT? clearly the definition of depression in the dictionary is wrong, or she just made up her own form of what she thinks being depressed it. Personally I despise this character,many would disagree but really i would tell them read Twilight AGAIN! And then let me know! I am so glad Stephenie Meyer is not writing another Twilight book.

2. Rita Skeeter- She annoyed even the main protagonists in the book, this hawk like, annoying, cruel reporter who we first get introduced to in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Shes constantly writing lies about Harry and his friends and every time she popped up in the book i felt like punching her pretentious face. Not to forget in the last book when she writes about Dumbledore.That was the last straw for me. Making Harry doubt Dumbledore IMAGINE! So frustrating , she should have died in that battle, death by quill. I like the sound of that.

3. Cecily from Wither by Lauren Destefano. She is so irritating. From her possessive childish behaviour to Linden, and for the need to be entertained all the time. And lets not forget her epic betrayal of Rhine and Gabriel. Nothing she can do can redeem herself in my eyes. Just a silly little girl.

4) Edmund from Narnia. For all those who haven't read/watched Narnia, Edmund betrayed his siblings to go join the White Witch for some Turkish Delight. I am not even lying. Words cannot describe. Just a fail. Since then I've never been a huge fan of Edmund in the series.

5) Proffesor Dolores Umbridge. Another annoying Harry Potter character. I hated everything from her annoying "ahems" to the dastardly shocking pink clothes she wore. She got what she deserved in the Order of the Phoenix, wahayy go Team Centaurs.

6) Daisy Buchanan- For those who know me The Great Gatsby is probably the worst book I have ever read in my life. One of the reasons was the characters in the book. They ALL annoyed me. But the worst character has to be Daisy. Daisy was a superficial golddigger only interested in men for their money. From her indecisiveness between Jay Gatsby her first "love" (who she dumped because he wasn't rich enough) to her husband Tom Buchanan, who she cheats on with her Gatsby once he becomes rich. Just die.

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