Friday, 26 August 2011

Quick Interview with Tessa Gratton!

A few days ago we interviewed Tessa Gratton author of Blood Magic. I personally was very excited for this interview as I have read Blood Magic and enjoyed it immensely. Here you go!

1. How did you come up with the idea for Blood Magic?
I wanted to write about magic and family, with a bit of body-snatching thrown in, so very slowly over the course of weeks came up with this idea. The initial thought hit me while I was walking my dog!

2. Which author do you look towards for inspiration?
When I need to be inspired by a book, I reread anything by Robin McKinley.

3. What made you pursue writing?
I’ve always been writing! There’s no magical moment or special thing – it’s just something I’ve always done.

4. Why did you decide to write about the YA fiction genre?
I’ve never loved books as much as I did when I was a teen, and never needed them as much either. Teens feel things so deeply, and generally express those feelings more than adults, too.

5. Have you planned a sequel? Or a series maybe?
There’s a companion novel called THE BLOOD KEEPER coming out next May. It takes place 5 years later, and is about magic (of course), being a hero, and kissing.

6. Describe Blood magic briefly?
Two teens meet in a cemetery and discover they have a mutual family history with blood magic!

7. Finally what are your upcoming projects?
Unfortunately, at this point they’re all secrets! But I promise there will be plenty more stories from me in the next few years. With more adventure and kissing!

For more information go to and stay tuned for a review of Blood Magic coming soon!

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