Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sana's Top 5 Entertainment Highlights of 2011

5) Rebecca black- Now who's year she didn't make? If your a fan maybe you would like to look away now she must be a wonderful girl, but seriously whatever gave her the impression she could sing? poor, poor delusional girl. But i guess half the people out there in the showbiz industry are talentless. Rebecca being many of the few well at least she "tries" to sing, some people cant do anything and are rich!.

4)  Reading The Hunger Games trilogy and The Mortal Instrument series -My wonderful friend Tiggy lent these books to me, and I have to say absolutely loved them. They were such exciting reads that I just couldn't put them down and even after I had finished them I had dreams about them for days! I honestly cannot wait for the films!

3) William and Katherine's wedding- Well it was such a lovely day for these two, ok I have to admit I didn't wake up early to watch the nuptials but I just got to see them exchanging vows. Our Katherine looked amazing and elegant! While her sister rudely (although it baffled me why) took away some of the attention hence every time I walked past the magazine section I would see Pippa's face, it was like Katherine had vanished! But still it was a fairytale wedding that everyone in the world tuned into!

2) Ok I know not many girls out there are into football, but I am. Infact I used to be so obsessed my parents thought I wanted a sex change! But I calmed down thankfully so for my first highlight well to be honest it's not really a highlight, more like worst thing ever. But I'm a arsenal fan and when the Captain sexsii Cesc Fabregas decided to move to Barcelona FC Iwas heartbroken! Bloody Barcelona with their money and world class players, imagine travelling all the way to Barcelona to meet Fabregas, plane tickets are bare expensive these days! I will never forgive Barcelona for taking my Cesc away from me.

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
This was a very sad day indeed for all the potterfans around the world including me! After 11 years of sticking by Harry it was now finally coming to a conclusion. Obviously when the book came out i was upset, but i still knew that we had the films to look forward to, but alas they also had to come to an end! I have never been so excited at the same time sad about a movie. Excited because I was really looking forward to the epic ending, sad due to the fact we would have no more Harry. So to all those people out there who waited for their hogwarts letters when they were 11 and when that didn't happen dreamed of Hagrid coming on his bike to rescue you and tell you are a witch/wizard (ok maybe that was just me), I know exactly how you feel! Harry potter was a big part of my life and it is a book that would stay with me forever and honestly the one book I can never get sick of reading, we would remember Harry through the films and the books! And would always be grateful to J.K Rowling for introducing us to the wonderful world of magic!

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