Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tiggy's top 5 youtube book vloggers!

I love watching book vlogs on youtube. Everything from book hauls to bookshelf tours. Here are my top 5 youtube book vloggers!

5) KhrystofaBookObessed
Number 5 is this youtube vlogger. He does great reviews, hes funny, friendly and his videos are always interesting. Another thing I love is that he is a guy who loves YA! You don't get many of them about. Check out his vids.

4) Number 4 has to be EllesGlitterGossip
Elle is a makeup guru on youtube but on her second channel she occasionally does Glitteritures which are reviews/discussions/book hauls on the latest books. She particularly loves vampire books, check her out!

I love watching Meaghan on youtube. Mainly because her reviews are informative and truthful. She has an impressive collection of books which are not just YA but are off all genres which I love. She is friendly and you cant help but love her, go watch her vids.

2) xmissbookobsessed
 Shes so cute! Her book hauls are always great to watch, one of the best book vloggers out there. Shes one of the reasons I myself wanted to start collecting books, go check out her vlogs :)

1) and finally number one has to be yafictionfreaks
I love love love them, as well as providing informative reviews and information on new book releases the videos are always funny and you just cant help but love them. They don't just review books but also vlog at book signing and other events. They also have one of the best collections of YA fiction I've ever seen. SUSCRIBE!


3) MeaghanTheBookAddict

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