Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Top YA Cliches

I love young adult fiction. By far its my fave genre. But sometimes when I'm reading a new book for the first time it seems kinda familiar. Then I casually glance over to my book shelf and remember why. So many things have been ridiculously over done in ya fiction that it has now become a cliché. I suppose its what makes the book sell and don’t get me wrong I love some of these clichés just as much as the next person but here are some of the clichés I have noticed come up most frequently.

1. Love Triangles- Almost every YA fiction story has a love triangle. Truthfully I adore love triangles but I feel like I need to point this one out. One girl and two boys fighting for her affections usually one is a bad boy type whilst the other is an angelic human being. Seen this soooo many times, but what i don’t get is why is there always 2 boys and 1 girl, why not the other way around, has anyone read a book where there are 2 girls and one guy?
The appeal I believe lies in the idea of these really hot dudes (who most of the time happen to have a secret or are not human) dark and mysterious, and the girl being the centre of attention of two guys. It is unbelievably frustrating when the girl cant make her mind up, its not hard I am sure, and you cant really be in love with two people at once right? And there's ALWAYS this thing going on like 'I'm team Edward who’s team are you on' and the other girl would reply 'Team Jacob”.
Yeah you see what I mean. But I have to admit I often find myself rooting strongly for one guy (usually the bad one) *in a whisper*. So yes number 1 cliché the infamous love triangles, if only they were so common in real life :)

2. Vampires- Everyone knows how big this phenomenon was. I am not saying Vampires them selves are clichéd (they are slightly) but the way the vampires are always portrayed in YA books. Usually it’s a good “vegetarian” vampire who doesn’t drink human blood who falls in love with a mortal girl. So basically not about real vampires we all have heard off. Also vampires have to be super hot. What is it with people finding Vampires sexy? they drink human blood for goodness sake, personally I don’t really see the turn on.

3) Ok so the girl and guy eventually confess their feelings for one another and claim they are bound together for all of eternity. Most of the time these characters are about 16 years old. 16 years old and they just made one of the biggest decision of their lives. Seriously. This is another cliché ridiculously over done. How do they know they will be together forever? Most relationships if not all at such a young age don’t last very long but it seems these characters in fantasy books are much more mature than your average 16 year old and once they fall in love they will never love another human again. Very unrealistic but romantic in a way..

4) Another cliché is the main female protagonist living with a single parent. I don’t know why this is so popular I guess it makes readers sympathise more with the character. I don’t really have a problem with this one as it usually doesn’t affect the story line too much.

5) Some names in ya fiction are ridiculously over done. Like the name Gabriel. I have read about 6 books with the name Gabriel. Caleb is another one. As much as I think these names sound sexy time to be more original guys!

6) The popular hot guy is always attracted to the shy pretty girl. Another common one. I guess this one is designed to make all girls out there more confident within themselves that if this was a real life situation they would have a chance with a super hot guy.

If you have any more please leave a comment! :)


  1. The Percy Jackson series had two girls fighting over one guy... just thought I should point that out. And so does the Heroes of Olympus (this one is just sort of implied though).

  2. I don't tend to read many YA books, but I've actually noticed this with the few YA and Midgrades I've read. What is it about always having the super popular, hot football star falling for the artsy, shy girl?

    And I totally agree about the names. Gabriel and Caleb....ack, time for some new names!


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