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Since the preview for The Hunger Games has been released we have been super excited for the film! We recently spoke with Shelia from about her opinions on the series and her experiences starting up a website. Her advice is very useful, check it out below :D

1. What made you want to create a website based solely on the hunger games?

We ( Angie, Lindsay and myself) decided to create a Hunger Games fansite
after we all became obsessed with the series. When we learned that it was
going to be adapted into a movie, we got really excited and decided we
wanted to develop a website where fans of the books and movies could come
to get the most up to date Hunger Games news.

2. Did it take long to get your name out there and become popular?

It's definitely taken alot of work trying to get our name out there. I'm
still not sure we are all that popular (LOL), but we are just so happy
with the response we have received on our site

3. What is it about the Hunger games that appeals to you?

I really love the depth of the story. It didn't feel like your typical YA
novel. The books have these amazing characters that deal with some pretty
serious stuff but at the same time there's this amazing story , and you
just wanna keep reading it over and over.

4. Who is your Favorite hunger games character?

Aside from Katniss and Peeta of course, my other absolute favorite
character has to be Finnick. He starts out presenting himself one way,
then you begin to uncover the layers of his character and just fall in

5. Any advice for people out there who want to start up their own fan-site?

I think that if you feel passionately about something and want to become
actively involved in the fan world, a fan site is a great way to do that.
It takes alot of work, dedication and hours online, but we have gotten to
know some amazing people and it makes it all worthwhile.

6. Were you happy with the casting decisions for the movie?

Overall yes, I was happy with the casting decisions. Although I will say
none of the actors cast was anyone I had envisioned, I trust Gary Ross and
Suzanne Collins and truly believe that they made their decisions based on
seeing the essence of the character in each of the actors in the film.

7. Finally tell us a little bit about how you plan and manage your site?
Is it hard work?

Running a fansite is definitely alot of work . We spend alot of time
scouring the internet for news, and do alot of brain storming to develop
original features for the site. However running a fansite with friends
makes it fun too. This way we all participate in the responsibilities of
running the site and when some particularly juicy Hunger Games news comes
out, we fan girl together before we gleefully post the news.

Check out the site here:
and check out the preview trailer here:

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