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Interview with TMISOURCE.COM

We got to interview the lovely Alyssa Barbieri from! where you can find out the latest news on all things Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices. If you haven't read The Mortal Instrument series yet by Cassandra Clare it is a must read! Here is the interview:

1. Why did you decide to create a fansite on the Mortal Instruments?

I decided to create The Mortal Instruments Source as a means to interact with other Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices fans. It was a way to keep up with news and share reactions with fans all across the world.

2. Was it hard getting your name out there and getting popular?

The one thing that The Mortal Instruments fandom is not is small. Once I began to interact with fans who ran other fan sites, I met new people and it just kind of grew from there. Having Cassandra Clare and Hollywood Crush post some of my stuff helped gain new followers and it's just grown from there. The Mortal Instruments fandom is probably the largest--and greatest--fan-base there is online and I'm proud to be a part of it.

3.  What appeals to you about the Mortal Instrument series? And who is your favourite character and why?

The Mortal Instruments is so appealing because it is set in the real world but with an after-dark feel. It's so enchanting to see this magical world right beside our own. But perhaps the most appealing thing about The Mortal Instruments are the characters. Cassandra Clare did an amazing job at creating characters that are not only believable but like certain people in everyone's life. There's that sarcastic hot guy, the loyal best friend, etc. Every character also has such an amazing story arc which really makes the reader care about what happens with the characters.
My favorite character? Now that's a toughie. I'd have to say it's a tie between Jace and Magnus. First off, how does one not love Jace? He's gorgeous, snarky and a little too cocky for his own good sometimes, but deep down he's damaged and trying to work through his problems and find middle ground, which is something everyone is in search of in their life. Then there's Magnus who is just so amazing is so many ways. He's eccentric and he defies normalcy in such a rockstar kind of way. He's different and he's not ashamed nor shy of it. That's the sort of confidence that I think everyone aspires to have.

4. Were you happy with the casting decisions for the movie?

I have to say that I am very pleased with the casting decisions thus far for the City of Bones movie. Lily Collins is the perfect actress to play Clary. Seeing her in Priest (red hair and all) and seeing her portray certain aspects of Clary was nice to see. My favorite thing about Lily is how well she understands Clary and how she has interacted with Mortal Instruments fans thus far in the movie-making process. She's a fan of the books, as are we, and it's great to see an up-and-coming actress get her big break on a series that she loves.

While Jamie Campbell Bower wasn't my first choice for Jace, I have to say that the casting decision grew quite quickly on me. Not only does he have that sexiness that Jace is known for but Jamie, in real life, is in most ways exactly like Jace. He's snarky and witty and carries himself with confidence. Plus, he has a thing for redheads (ahem, Bonnie Wright). Watching him in 
Camelot really showed me the versatility in his acting, especially in the finale. He was able to portray a variety of emotions within several scenes and it was beautiful. Hearing Cassandra Clare rave about his audition with Lily was like icing on the cake. I mean, who knows these characters better than her? 

5. Any advice for people out there looking to start up their own fan-site?

My advice for any fans looking to start a fansite would be to do it because it's fun. That's a big reason why I believe TMI Source has been successful. It's so easy to have fun while still informing fans of all the latest information.

6. Do we see a Infernal Devices fansite emerging any time soon?

I cover The Infernal Devices along with The Mortal Instruments. It's just easier to bring everything together on one website.

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