Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tournament- Best YA love triangles!

Tournament Best YA love triangles

We thought it would be rather interesting to do a tournament on the best love triangles in YA books! So here how it’s going to work:
Each day from 5th September onwards we will ask you to vote between 2 love triangles, you would have from 12pm BST ( British summer time) to 12pm the next day to vote for your favourite. Whoever wins on that day will proceed onto the next round.

Round 1

Day 1- 5th September 2011
Jacob/ Bella/ Edward vs. Gale/ Katniss/ Peeta
(The Twilight series)            (The Hunger Games)

Day 2- 6th September
Simon/Jace/Clary vs.   Puck/Meghan/Ash
(The Mortal Instruments)    (Iron fey series)

Day 3 – 7th September
Tucker/Clara/Christian vs. Gabriel/Rhine/Linden
(Unearthly)                           (Wither)

Day 4- 8th September
Ky/Cassia/Xander vs. Will/Tessa/Jem
(Matched)                       (The Infernal Devices)

Day 5 – 9th September
Erik/Zoey/Heath vs. Stefan/Katherine/Damon
(The House of Night)     (Vampire Diaries)

Day 6- 10th September
David/Laurel/Tamani vs. Anthony/Rae/Marcus
(Wings)                                (Echoes)

Day 7- 11th September
Daniel/Luce/Cam vs. Shay/Calla/Ren
(Fallen series)               (Nightshade)

Day 8- 12th September
(The Shift series)     (Wicked Lovely)
Logan/ Aura/ Zach  vs. Aislinn/Kennan/Seth


  1. How can you choose between the first 4? thats like deciding which child you love more!

  2. HAHA I know just to see which one is the ultimate! some choices are hard but ah well :P

  3. I'd substitute Miles for Cam and Stark for Erik.

    How did I know TMI would be up against Iron Fey? Argh!

  4. you forgot dimitri rose adrian from vampire academy

  5. I don't think Twilight or Mortal Instruments should be in this. Simon and Jacob never had a chance. The choice was obvious from day one. I think Wicked Lovely is a better series choice. Keenan versus Seth - that was an actual dilema.

  6. Um, did you guys get this idea from YA Sisterhood (<--and name)? Because... it's.. really, really similar.....

  7. Yes Sisterhood was inspired by them, but many blogs do tornaments so we thought it would be fun to do our own :)

  8. It's a tough decision for me for Day 2. I love both the Mortal Instruments and the Iron Fey characters


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