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Interview with Aurora Lightbourne

Recently we had the amazing opportunity to interview Aurora Lightbourne on her upcoming novel Brass Hearts- A Steampunk Fairytale for her book blog tour . Check it out below!

1) What made you want to become a writer?

I like stories. I am always coming up with some story or other. I think my first 'book' was one I wrote when I was about 7. It was about a huge coconut bug that was taking over a city. It was 'bound' with staples and even had pictures, one of my Dad's co-workers gave me a gold star review.
I have always had an affinity for words. I loved to read as a kid and teen. Trixie Belden books were my favorite. A book in one hand and a dictionary in the other, good times.

2) For those who don’t know describe Brass Hearts briefly.

Brass Hearts is a sweet little love story, at least in my opinion. Dulcet, the main character, may disagree as she was put through a lot during the course of the book, but all ends well.
I called it a 'steampunk fairytale' because it is a sweet story and also because even though it is set in a steampunk, steam powered, world it does not center on that. Like a fairytale it skims the details of where and when and focuses on the people and events.
I consider it as a cross between Pride and Prejudice and Cinderella. It has a few P&P elements, but leans more towards Cinderella.
Dulcet Spry just wants to live a peaceful little country life, working at her Father's business and hopefully someday inherit it. Her younger sister has greater ambitions. Ones that drag Dulcet out of her comfort zone and into society where secrets get out she wish hadn't  as her dreams seem to slowly fall from her grasp. All the while she is caught in a flirtatious relationship with one rich Gentleman, and what she considers a mutual dislike with another. But things aren't quite as they seem.

3) How did you come up with the idea for Brass Hearts?

The character, Dulcet Spry, came to me first. After that, as I thought about her, she revealed details of the world she lived in, her family, her past, a new irksome acquaintance and the story fell together from there.
4) Have you planned a sequel? Or a series maybe?

I have not planned a sequel to Brass Hearts. I do have another 'fairytale' mix waiting in the wings. It will have to wait a while though as I am currently working on book five of my ongoing SciFi/Fantasy series, Space Trippers.  Space Trippers Book 5: Don't Even Ask will be done and out early spring 2012, I hope. So then I can possibly work on the next 'fairytale' before starting on Space Trippers six.

5) What made you want to write for this particular genre?

Dulcet. I had no intention of writing a steampunk book, but that is where she told me she lived, so there you go. I had liked the steampunk style before then, so she did not have a hard time convincing me.

6)Are there any Authors who inspired you to write? Or any works that you admire?

I love Jane Austen's style. She was very witty and did not seem to take herself too seriously in her works. There is a lot of humor in there. I like humor.
Douglas Adams is my other favorite author. Zany is what he was. Love the off-the-wall observations and conversations in his works.
Like them I try not to take myself too seriously. I write what I enjoy and I enjoy light stories with humor when at all possible. Which is very evident in my SciFi/Fantasy series. There are some really....untraditional characters in that.

7) Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer?

Write what YOU like. Don't write just to fit in with a trend or someone else's ideas. You cannot please everyone,  so just make sure YOU are happy with what you write, that it says what you want it to, that you are true to your story and your characters. Nobody else can write your story, each writer is unique, each story they write is unique and can only come from them. Nobody else could write what is in your head. As long as you wrote it down as it played out in your mind, and you are happy with it, you succeeded, be confident.
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