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Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

 Title: Pandemonium (Delirium #2)
Author: Lauren Oliver
Other title in series: Delirium
Publisher: Harper Collins
Date Published: February 28th 2012
Rating: 5/5

I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, 
pushing aside thoughts of Alex, 
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school, 
push, push, push, like Raven taught me to do. The old life is dead.But the old Lena is dead too.I buried her.I left her beyond a fence,behind a wall of smoke and flame.

*May contain spoilers*

Pandemonium the sequel to Delirium is even better than the first one. The jaw dropping cliffhanger at the end of Delirium had me sobbing into my pillow and I was dying to know what happens once Lena escapes Portland. In a world where Love is a disease just months before her procedure that will cure her from the disease called Amor Deliria Nervosa (Love) Lena Halloway falls in love with Alex. Lena manages to escape to the wilds but Alex is shot and she has to leave him behind.

Pandemonium continues from where Delirium left off and Lena finds herself in the wilds under the care of a girl named Raven, she finds it hard to adapt to their way of life eventually but slowly manages to adapt and make new friends. The story is divided into chapters called Then and Now. Then refers to Lena's time in the wilds and Now refers to Lena's fake life where she is working undercover as part of the resistance. The resistance is working to bring down the current government and eliminate the cure. Soon enough Lena is kidnapped alongside Julian the son of The DFA( disease free america) leader. 

Lena escapes with Julian and slowly finds herself falling in love again, because by now she is convinced Alex is dead. Julian is all for the cure in the beginning but once he meets Lena his viewpoint changes and he falls in love with her too.
Lauren Oliver is the queen of cliffhangers, but even before I started the book I was waiting for the ending and I was kind of expecting it and what a ending it is I was screaming for joy and jumping around.

While I love the characters of Tack and Raven I couldn't really connect with Julian's character as Alex is just the one for me.
Lauren Oliver writes in beautiful prose and the world she has created is amazing, I honestly cannot wait for Requiem.

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  1. I've been putting off reading PANDEMONIUM... for some reason... but you're review made me want to read it next! I'm curious about this Julian guy...


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