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My Love for books started when i first read Harry Potter, so J.K Rowling thank you for making me love to read. Harry Potter is and always will be my favourite book! but i love any kinds of book fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, young adult, romance, thriller, mystery, literature, i basically inhale books! i must have read over 300 books so far, some of them i don't even remember.
Apart from reading i also enjoy writing and am currently writing a fantasy novel! i love films specially nerdy ones like lord of the rings and star wars haha. I like cooking continental food and love to sing!
I met my Friend tiggy through my best Friend they are cousins, but only later on i found out that she's also my book and film soul mate, i love her wittiness and genuineness (if that's a word), we decided to come up with the blog because we wanted to share our love of reading with people.
Reading is not boring it's a way of expressing yourself and also a way of letting go of all your worries!
I am a Will Herondale lover (Yes i know he is not real) but oh well! he is my fictional husband! :)

I've always loved reading ever since I can remember. Like Sana the first series I fell in love with are the Harry Potter books (Draco I love you) ;) My fave genre is definitely YA fantasy fiction although occasionally I do like to read something different. My obsessions include reading Manga, learning Japanese, collecting and reading books, Jedward, One Direction, lotr and many other nerdy things ;)
I met Sana in College. She's funny and one hell of a writer! and I'm not just saying that because shes my friend :p
This blog is dedicated to reviewing our favourite books for other fellow book lovers out there so enjoy!

For inquiries please contact : booklovers1@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @booksisterhood

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  1. I love Will too!
    Great Blog
    Amy @TeenyReader


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